Monday, 25 March 2013

A trip to Alcatraz

When in San Francisco a visit to Alcatraz is a must! Before setting off to San Francisco I found out that tickets to Alcatraz can sell out fast so I made a booking a few days in advance to avoid disappointment. I really recommend booking an early morning time slot, it is a major tourist attraction after all and the afternoons can get very busy. Once on the island you get given an audio guide which you can listen to at your own pace. The tour is very well done and very informative, I loved learning about the history of the place and exploring the prison, although at times it did feel a bit creepy! After the tour I walked around the gardens surrounding the main prison building and admired the view of the city and Golden Gate Bridge. All in all this was one of my favourite things to see in San Francisco and would recommend everyone to visit!

Alcatraz island!

View of lovely San Francisco from the ferry

Bay Bridge

Welcome to Alcatraz

Old  living quarters of the families who used to live there

Inside the prison

Some famous inmates (Al Capone first from left)

The kitchen

View of Golden Gate Bridge

Beautiful gardens around Alcatraz


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