Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cape Verde (April 2011): Part 2: Boa Vista

Boa Vista was the second and final destination of my Cape Verde trip and the theme of this island is 'sand' as will be self-explanatory from the photos below! As for Sal, the best way to get around is to rent a 4x4, as the roads are either in bad condition or non-existent! This was one of my favourite trips, not only because of the amazing beaches and landscapes but also because of the friendly people and the fact that life there is very simple and stress-free. I am definitely looking forward to coming back and exploring the other islands of Cape Verde.
Welcome to Boa Vista...and a lot of sand!

Bungalow right on the beach

Praia de Chave

Praia de Chave

My little bungalow

Remaining chimney of an old brick factory

Ruins of the brick factory

Sand everywhere...

Fish market in the main town of Sal Rei

Sal Rei

Streets of Sal Rei

Sal Rei in the background

Finally, a bit of green!

Typical cobbled roads

Deserted beaches

Viana Desert

Cemetery eaten by the desert...

Santa Maria shipwreck in the background

Santa Maria

Portuguese man o' war - maybe swimming here is not a great idea!

The road to....?

Whales in the sea - this bay is a popular breeding area for humpback whales

Boa Vista Airport - it obviously does not rain here!

One of the best airports ever!
Bye bye Cabo Verde


  1. Cape Verde has never really entered my bucket list... I am glad I stumbled upon your post, though. The landscape is so beautiful! I could see myself walking along the beach or doing a road trip there. Everything looks so peaceful and relaxing. Great photos, Ellen!

  2. Thank you Pola!
    To be honest I had no idea what to expect from this place as there aren't many reviews or decent guide books out there. But Boa Vista turned out to be a real gem so am really happy I did this trip :).